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Bravo, polacks.
The comfiest place in the game is surrounded on one side by an invisible wall.
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Since so many people are replaying New Vegas currently, how is that going for you? Fallout thread.
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So did they forget that everyone on Blue Team is in their late 50's or at most early 60's? Chief was like 54 in halo 1; the rest of blue team wasn't far behind or ahead;
The S2's are fossils, super deadly badass mop the floor with fucking everything fossils

Remember this chick here is at least in her 60s
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Hey /v/, which tag force game should I download? Preferably of the GX editions, because I don't feel like learning about synchro summons and shit. Also, here are the renders for the new movie, which I guess Atem is appearing in, judging from the description.
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Wurm Online

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The 'New Broville' settlement is just starting out in Wurm Online. Work together with fellow
bros to create an awe inspiring village just like has been done in the past.

>What is Wurm?

Wurm is a truly sandbox MMO where players can modify nearly everything about the game world to suit their needs. There is ground to be dug up, trees to be chopped down, and settlements
to be founded.

>Where do I get it?

>Is it free?

There is an optional pay system that unlocks various additional things in the game; however, the game can be enjoyed thoroughly without paying.


Map: Xanadu(Freedom)

>How do I get there?

After completing the tutorial (or skipping it) use the portal, select Xanadu, and spawn at Vrock landing. Head directly north into the woods. (Follow the unpaved path.) If you're still having trouble finding it send me (Colorcharge) a PM by using the /tell command and join the chat outlined below.

>Chat Channel

When in game join our chat channel. Press F1 to bring up the console, type irc and press enter, then in your new IRC chat tab type: /join #newbroville

>Addtional Info/Troubleshooting is going to be your friend until you get the hang of things.

If you're getting major graphical issues with Intel integrated graphics cards you may need to disable GLSL and VBO. These options
can be found under the Settings menu in the launcher under the 'Compatibility' tab.

Let's build a settlement that will stand the test of time by working together as bros.
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How do you thing the rest of her life plays out?
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What does /v/ think of Life is Strange?
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Who and why would win /v/?
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Omegle thread.

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Haven't seen this for quite some time now.
Type "Video Games" As interests and get to know each other.
I mean, you spend at least 6 hours a day in here, with people you dont even know, a single bit, so let us change that. Get to know each other. Talk about video games. Talk about your favorite ips. What you want to see at E3. Who knows? Maybe you live in the same town and you could be best friends without knowing it. You may fall in love with each other. Cause i know many of you guys in here like to pretend that you are gay, but the majority actually, IS gay.
Anyway. Let us do this.
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Monster Hunter

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what are you hunting /v/?

ive finally reached that point where i have very little to do( g gold crown) its depressing
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