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>enemies can open doors
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Sweet Jesus, this entire area feels like a present to old time Witcher fans.

>that 1:1 Witcher 1 design
>all those quests and conversations with your Witcher 1 bros
>hidden letter from Azar Javed
>Leo's (Witcher 1) grave with his sword and a comment from Geralt
>letter from Berengar

It also feels like Wind Waker's Hyrule Castle or what it should have been instead of what it actually was, sadly.
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>YFW Sora and Kairi's "romance" is way better written and more engaging then any recent Disney ones

Nightly Kingdom Hearts thread?
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Sounds like Sony is really gonna be throwing all they got into pushing Morpheus as VR for those on a budget and the average consumer.

If I'm allowed include some baseless speculation in the OP, I wonder if they're gonna try push No Man's Sky as a launch title that supports it? It seems ideal for VR if they can get a PS4 to run it well, though that's a reasonably big if, and its been strangely delayed with no word on why for a while.

I think Jonathan Blow tweeted some stuff hinting at VR for his next game, Rime, as well - and its known Sony has been supporting him.

Kinda interested to see if they have any big games lined up for it or if the nogaems4 curse will continue.
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I need help

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Alright, in b4 "mac fag." I ended up with a mac unfortunately and I really want to get into Space Station 13 and I have no idea how to get it running. I've read some stuff about WINE, but I'm not sure how to use it, any help would be much appreciated.
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>New Ratchet and Clank looks 9 times better than Super Mario 3D World while running at 1080p 60fps
>$40 at launch

How do Insomniac and Sony do it, /v/? I couldn't believe the screenshots until I saw the 4 min gameplay footage.
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>"Hello! We're a new drama free guild looking for mature players"
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Bamco.. is charged with Racism

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"Americans do not know the way of business," "Japan should have been attacked Pearl Harbor again."
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