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ULiL/Soku/Touhou netplay thread

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New Smash Content on the way

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Ryu? Roy? K. Rool?

Who's it gonna be /v/?
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Now...I'm not saying this is GOTY 2015, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding a 2015 game that's better than it.

Seriously, I'm drawing an inkin' blank here!
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Good Early Access Games?

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Pic is just about the only one I can think of. Any others that are not a grand ruse?

It is The Repopulation
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Retarded fucking video games

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Fuck this piece of shit.
>shit fucking ashley ai becomes more of a goddamn chore than it needs to be
>merchant who carries guns doesnt carry fucking bullets
>aiming is a fucking nightmare, have to look for a red dot that should have been visible all the time but only magically appears whenever youre able to shoot something
>magical parasites that strip down the ability to knock down some enemies, turn them into god damn bullet sponges and let them get fucking extra attacks even when theyre staggering away
>instant kill qte bullshit
>retarded inventory management requres you to manually sort shit around instead of having a quicksort function built in
>RANDOM FUCKING CRITICAL HITS ON HEADSHOTS. (seriously what the FUCK were they thinking?!)
>no fucking subtitles
>no audio slider to control music, sfx and voice volume
>can't run and gun
>cant even fucking strafe

god damnit i hate this fucking game. Fuck you /v/, you lied. this game is a piece of god damn shit.

>inb4 nostalgia defense force
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Looks like they are going to make a Witcher mini series on cable. Who would your choice of cast be?

I'd choose him as geralt. Only problem is that he is danish and danes are the worst people on the planet.
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This game looks neat, what does /v/ think?

>not a ps4 exclusive

console fags please dont start
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General disappointing games

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can we talk for a minute about how shit MCC is. GAWD that was so fucking disappointing. they kept that god awful card UI bullshit and nothing worked for about 3 months. also when you go to a game specific multiplayer type, say halo 3, only SOME of the maps are there. WHY NOT FUCKING ALL?! ITS GODDAMN HALO 3 PLAYLIST AND I CANT PLAY VALHALLA OR SANDTRAP FOR FUCK SAKES. i know its in BTB but when you make a gametype called halo 3 i expect all the fucking maps from halo fucking 3 on it. FUCK
what was your most disappointing game /v/?
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