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It's time
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This game was the last game on the Alien license between SEGA and FOX. Do you think SEGA renewed the license? If not, who do you think will grab it?
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>every qualified competitor is a white or asian male

Did Nintendo forget it's not 1990 anymore?
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>We're pleased to announce that Eric Sexton, best known for his work on Diablo 1 & 2, will be joining the Grim Dawn team. He'll be working on world building, writing lore and anything else he can get his hands on.

Anyone else play Grim Dawn?
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>trying to refund Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut I saw it was cheaper on GOG
>request refund
>you selected the issue I'm having gameplay issues
>only lets me select help me fix this gameplay or technical issue
>takes me back to the support for game
>click request refund
>takes me back to "you selected the issue I'm having gameplay or technical issues" with only one option
>keeps taking me back to the support page
this is bullshit
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Which game was better, /v/?

As a child, I thought Tooie MUST be better because of bigger levels, more moves, continued story, and better graphics.

As an adult, I realized Kazooie had tighter level structure, almost no backtracking, and more consice levels.

But years after that conclusion, I decided to replay Banjo-Tooie and find it extreamly engaging because of just how difficult it becomes to seek out Jiggies after Jolly Roger's Bay.

So now i'm confused. What does /v/ prefer?
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