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amiibo Thread: Bunda Edition

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Who /Wave 5 dispatched from Amazon JP/ here?
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ITT: Games that are 10 years old or near 10 years old.
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I'll be getting the legacy collection to prepare for MGS 5, because I've never played any MGS games in the past, should I get MGR to get the full metal gear experience or can it be skipped?
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Can we have a fa/v/ourite games thread?

The rules are simple:
Post some of your favourite games in hopes that anons will find something new and interesting to play.
Feel free to get comfy, too.
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>mfw trapped in Mexico during e3 weekend
>mfw there's no way the internet's good enough for watching a stream

Does anyone know if any TV channels will be carrying e3 this year? I know G4 aired it last year but that channel's dead now.
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Hey /v/, currently playing through Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
I'm currently in the third twilight zone looking for fused shadows, which I hope is still in the beginning. I'm loving this game except for one part.
Who's idea was it to make Link a fucking wolf? And then who had the bright idea to make the wolf sections boring as fuck? I just want to play zelda, not some animal bullshit.
But besides for that it's an amazing zelda game.
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What games let's me play as an ex gang member?
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>game has a joke difficulty that's literally impossible
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