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>antagonist is an evil version of the protagonist
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Arcade thread?

>Fun Arcade two blocks away from my house
>Owner its a cool guy, always has the best machines
>Had fun with the guys playing Virtua Figther after school
>All of the suden theres a new janitor working there
>We are kids so we like to talk about other stuff while we are waiting for a machine
>He yells at us if we talk about anything that is not related to videogames, wtf right?
>Talk to the owner, why you dont fire this guy?
>"I cant"
>What? Why not?
He does it for free
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Worst DLC by far?
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Playing this game right now.
Think it's pretty good and having fun.

Why does /v/ hate it so much?
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Thanks Tecmo!
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What Video Games did you play today /v/?

And was it fun?
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"Do you want to play Persona 3 FES with me?" - Fuuka

Persona Thread and Discussion as well. Soon we'll see that new Persona 5 footage included with Dancing All Night in Japan.

Also new Dancing All Night remix.
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What is the best class to play everything solo in this game? I cant play multiplayer because of shitty internet but I still want to do everything. I initially chose Zero but he seems to be more of a support character and runs out of steam on UVHM.

Have you defeated raid bosses solo before and how did you do it/what skill paths did you take with which class? Thanks a bunch guys, really looking forward to my next playthrough.
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