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ULiL/Soku/Touhou netplay thread

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When will VN be taken more seriously as a true genre of video games, and not just porn wank material? There are honestly very well written VN out there that have great gameplay to add as well.
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A story about love.

A story about loss.

A story about hope.

Tails Gets Trolled.
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What video game character do you despise the most?
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How's that game you're making going, /v/?
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WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM you late 20s/early 30s permavirgin basement dwelling Nintendicksucker manchild NEET son of a single mother whore?

It was a perfectly fine video games related thread, so why did you delte it, you hotpocket stained piece of so ronery virgin shit?

Go wank your microdick to your squid loli porn you god damn loser at life Nintenshit sucking Iwata semen slurper and leave this board alone FFS.
Kill yourself, you will never amount to anything in your pathetic shitty life aside from being a turboautistic, shit stained underpands Nintendrone MOD who thinks this is NintendoGAF and you can do here whatever the fuck you want.

I hope you enjoy your little powertrip here, because it is literally the only thing you have going for in your non-existent excuse of a life.
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So /v/, why are you supporting SJWs and Kotaku again, despite them being horrible human beings?
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