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What's going to be GOTY?

Fallout 4 or The Witcher?
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Tales of Berseria

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The newest Tales Game.

>The protagonist is a pirate named Velvet, who is also a convict criminal, who is in jail for murdering the family of a guy who murdered her sister.

>In a trailer shown at the event, we see Velvet trapped in prison. In another scene, she is riding something like a ship. Later on, we see snow and grassy plains, as well as oceans in the ship scene.

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>that Steam friend with a deep and soothing voice
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help me with adding more filter for making this a decent place
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your favorite Naughty Dog Character

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shame who did this without crash.
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is there anything this man can't do?
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>"[game series] went full weeb!"
>in reality, [game series] has always been weeb

What's her name?
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some one bye me counter strike go please

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add me on steam and send as gift thanks all my love xxxx
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>eat lots of food
>your character gets fat
>suffer status effects like lower stamina or slower speed
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