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Hungry? Thirsty? Horny?
the VA was 13 years old
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Ryu Smash Trailer

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I literally have zero credibility and nobody is going to believe me so fuck it. I saw a Ryu Smash DLC reveal trailer this afternoon.

Trailer begins with Ryu vs Ken on pic related stage.
Classic "Round 1" sound effect and everything.
Ryu combos the shit out of Ken and for Round 2 Mega Man is standing in Ken's place
Ryu makes a WTF (keep in mind this is all in SF2 style)
Mega Man is joined by Sonic, Mario and Pac Man and everything turns into Smash 4 style similar to DHD's trailer
Splash screen and "Ryu Shoryuken Fight"
His specials are Hadouken, Shoryuken, an SF3 parry and Tatsumaki
He has an EX meter that works similar to Little Mac's KO punch but is based around how often he dodges and shields (Note: I fucking hate this because it promotes turtling)
He has a Ken colored pallette swap
He uses his Final Smash which is a giant Hadouken on a bunch of Mii Fighters who are dressed up as Chun-Li, M. Bison and Blanka
Cut to Smash Logo
After the Smash logo, it plays an SF2 win screen with Mario and the text "You must defeat my Final Smash to stand a chance"

I hate, hate, hate the EX meter bullshit

The trailer ends with a Street Fighter 2 style win screen with Ryu and Mario
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What was the best Soul Calibur and why was it 2 (gamecube edition)?

Was 5 better? Never played it
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What was the pinnacle of PS2 RPG's?
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>That one genre you want to get into but can't because reasons
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>at university
>literally 90% of normalfags fucking with their phones
>decide to bring my 3DS one day
>teacher takes it and suspends me from her class for 3 days

Now I have to wait until fucking next week so I can get it back and finish Xenoblade. Why the fuck is this kind of retarded double standard allowed?
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enjoying your new reddit/4chan hybrid? :^)

this place is more console stuff than it's ever been in the past. i'm guessing all the pc gamers went to /vg/?
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>want to find a good mmo with comfy character customisation
>cant find one I'll get hooked onto
>mainly want to play it to erp/write lewd stories
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Have you ever considered pleasuring yourself to a video game character?
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>Sun Boss
>You really need to lighten up!
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