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>Have a "female" steam account
>play lots of dota
>People think I'm an asian girl
>Meet russian boi
>Play a lot
>He started telling me he found the picture in facebook even though I told him I don't use facebook
>Get scared and unfriend him
>Stop playing dota for 2 years
>Start playing again a week ago
>He goes online and adds me
>I feel ecstatic and accept and send him cute messages again
>He is still funny and nice and said he doesn't know why he was unfriended
>He said he missed me and would hate to lose a very good friend
>He lives in a shitty part of Russia

Why...why does it hurt, /v/? Being a fake girl is the only way I can have friend?
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Think they'll try again with the Little Tail Series this gen?

Solatorobo/Tail Concerto thread
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ULiL/Soku/Touhou netplay thread

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>losing an argument
>close tab
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Why don't healers ever get the recognition they deserve for playing the hardest role?
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Welcome to 8 years ago.
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>What are some games that you wanna play
>but not good at?

I want to play Splatoon but suck at games involving team work
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What are some games where I can team up with characters from a broad range of media to murder the people that bullied me?

this is secondary content, just as video games as chris-chan
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How would we make a good Steven Universe game, /v/?
My idea is:
>Turn-based RPG combat a la Paper Mario
>Able to have 4 party members out at a time
>Unlockable party members as time goes on
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