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>6 days until E3
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What if we're still posting on /v/ when we're 50?
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You have 10 seconds to name a more mishandled IP.
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The only way to cure gaming industry is more independent developers who can do whatever they want, every bigger studio should self-publish their own games.
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/v/ will defend this.
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>LoL is p2w
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X-Com: Enemy Within

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Hahahaha, help me /v/. I've gotten into a bit of an issue.. While playing this game so far, I was doing fine, researching lots, getting equipment, no big deal.. then comes the fishing village mission. I thought, for whatever reason, this was going to be the mission where I was going to rescue civilians, boy was i wrong. But I was glad that I didn't have any, that was good! But then came the whale.. Dear god, the whale. My team had done a good job of making it through, and then those damn spawns started. I then proceeded to have one of my members (A rookie no less) become the sacrificial combatant, unfortunately.. that didn't really help at all. I guess I should've brought grenades, laser weapons (these were potential for development) and vests, because my team was under-prepared as shit. A brutal massacre where my group leader almost survived, only to get surrounded by the Crysalids and fucked up.

Any strategies on how to deal with this shit? Oooor should I just start a new game?
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If the mods delete this they're gay
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Does /v/ have a favorite pokemon?
If so, which one?
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