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Hey /v/, I just bought a refurbished SP with this game. It's a collectors edition with a little poster and everything. How is this game? Also, GBA thread.
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Is Polygon right /v/? Are all video games just stupid and we're enjoying them because we're not very smart people?
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>LOL threads arent allowed anymore
>deep sea threads arent allowed anymore
>4AM threads arent allowed anymore
>Pokemon and Pokegirl threads arent allowed anymore
>gamer fuel threads arent allowed anymore
>vidya male and husbando threads arent allowed anymore
>ass, tit, thick, and vidya girl threads are only sometimes allowed depending on the mood of the mod
>even filename threads are only sometimes allowed

What happened to /v/ culture and why have the mods killed it?
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>no games where you can play as a trap

Fuck life
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Square really has no idea what the appeal of FF7 is. It's the only Final Fantasy that draws heavily from anime from 85-95. It uses gouraud shading for characters and enemies. It's not just a limitation, it's part of the design. They are not attempting to look realistic, but rather like charactes from an anime. Gouraud shading works as a very primitive cell shading.

All later renditions ditch the anime look, and aim for realism. The next game even aimed for high realism. And the fans even seem to not understand this. All the FF7 PC mods try to copy the look of Advent Children. Any sequel or remake would use the more realistic style.

What blows me away is that Square never tried this approach or story again. No more cyberpunk. No more anime.
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FFXV Episode Duscae 2.0

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FFXV Demo Update 2.0 releases in about 4 hours from now.

Will the demo now actually be good?
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Russiafags, why are you so annoying when playing video games?
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