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What were your thoughts on this game /v/? I did enjoy it playing with 3 others in a party setting but obviously there were some problems with it.
I don't think it was as 'competitively viable' as Smash and although the building super for kills system was unique and interesting I do think it could have been improved upon.
So for a potential sequel, what kind of changes to the super/health mechanics or any other changes to the game in general would make it much better?
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Vida autism thread
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E3 leaks speculation thread

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Now that the Ratchet trailer is out, this
and this
look pretty truthful.
However, that implies a couple of things on Ninties side:
>PlatinumxGoichi Suda
>No Retro
Maybe they didn't see the full direct?

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>Ape Escape should belong to Nintendo.
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Does /v/ like the first Bioshock? I played it when it came out and I enjoyed it, but didn't get the hype and felt it was overpraised. It kinda fell flat in the second half for me. But I enjoyed the art direction and general underwater, creepy mood.

I just finished Dishonored and was reminded of Bioshock for some reason. Maybe the cartoonish-looking characters and somewhat original atmosphere. Now I'm craving for more.

From what I understand, /v/ hivemind hates Infinite. Haven't played it because I've seen vids and it looked like everything I dislike in modern FPS. Is it really that bad? What did you like or dislike about it?

How is Bioshock 2? I avoided it at the time because it just seemed like a soulless rehash of 1 and I was bored with Rapture after 1, but today enough time has passed for me now that makes me wanna revisit Rapture.

Any other recs for quality FPS with strong atmospheres and not too linear gameplay? I already played the HL games, STALKER/Metro and Deus Ex 1 & 3 and love exploration or clever level design. System Shock 2 is on my backlog.
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>pick male
>+1 str
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Why is this allowed?
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>Character creation menu
>"Are you a boy or a girl?"
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Since i've seen most doco's on video games, i saw this one on netflix and thought i would try it. Despite the dumb name.

And holy fuck this is absolutely terrible
>starts out like every other movie/doco about videogames. Talking about Atari and Nolan Bushnell
>First guest to talk is Wil fucking Wheaton
>jumps from generation to generation without talking about seminal games, hardly any footage of NES or SNES games. just showing a bunch of cg footage of cutscenes from modern games
>Filled with inaccuracies and footage that is missing color information (how do you fuck this up?)
>devotes an entire section to THE CLOUD and how everygame in the future will be played on THE CLOUD
This movie is absolutely fucking terrible. But I guess i should have known that already judging from the title with it's attempt to lure normalfags in
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Feel free to screencap this.

At Nintendo's E3 digital conference, they'll show off the following trailer:

>Smash Bros. logo into:
>Mario, Link, Rosalina, and Kirby are struggling against the might of the Master Core swarm
>They are eventually overpowered and sent flying by a shockwave of dark energy
>Mario regroups with the other three, beaten and broken down
>He looks up in horror as the Master Core swarm forms an enormous black fist
>Mario shields his eyes, Link protects Rosalina with his shield, Kirby looks around in horror, unsure of what to do
>The fist comes down on the four
>A huge red fist collides with the black shadowy one, dispersing back into the frenzied swarm
>The four heroes look up, shocked they are alive
>They look up at a mesa behind them
>A lone figure stands there
>Suddenly 100s of other figures fall in behind him
>He gives his classic thumbs-down/thumbs-up salute
>It's Wonder Red

Believe me or not, you'll see I'm telling the truth in a few days.

By the way, the squid kids will be revealed at a later date to be Smash DLC
Feel free to ask questions about what other Nintendo-related shit is on the way, I hate this job
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