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Hey /v/. I made a thread about my game last night that somehow got more than 550 replies. Probably because I'm giving out free keys.

I'm posting them as images so if they run out let me know, and I'll post more.

The game is Scribble Space. It's a shitty indie game I made in which you draw a spaceship and fly around, killing stuff. It's an old arcade style'd space shooter.

Steam page:

Link to last thread, >>296602408
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Is she right? Are refunds unfair to devs?
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Harvest moon Seeds Of Memories Coming To Wii U and pc hnghhh. but will it be any good?
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You know all those arena games we used to run?

Season 2 thread
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This is....a PS2
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I got an interesting idea.
Lets post our backlogs, and then try to convince others why they should play a particular game.

Currently I've got:
Condemned: Criminal Origins
Risk of Rain
Max Payne 2 (Loved the first)
Mount & Blade Warband
Batmat: Arkham Asylum
And finally, Red Dead Redemption.

Pic unrelated.
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Continuing previous game
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>You kiss other players to get health back
That is super cute
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Why even live?
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