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I just checked the mail and got this and forgot what it is. From the label it appears to be a game. So it could be a few things. Should I open it here?
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dragons in video games
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>food regenerates health points
>if you eat too much your character gets fat
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If you're overweight, is it because of video games?
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I'm hyped for all these jrpg
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Daily reminder that this is what a real fighting game looks like.
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Problems with modern day industries?
Other than companies caring about only graphics?
Still, it beats the game crash of 1983.
Though it needs to be better.

4 this thread, I wonder...
8 generations in, and we still need improvement...
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Say what you will, but the soundtrack is god tier.

Also want more sprite games with the color palette they go for here. Reminds me of the Saturn in all the right ways. Story is trash though and the level design only really seems designed well for the purple chick.
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