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Who remembers Byond?

what was your favorite Byond game?
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Have you thanked your healer today, /v/?
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Harry Potter thread

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Let's talk about these games for once
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>5 maps
>2 hour story mode set on the multiplayer maps
>can only use motion controls
>just 4 weapons
>split screen runs at 20 fps
>can only play ranked mode one hour per day
>Only can play 2 maps every two days
>only one mode
>clothing has to be bought with real eshop credit
>amiibos are exclusive to continents, quid is murrika only, inkilning boy is europe only and inkling girl is japan only
>amiibo outfit have exclusive abilities
>splatfest will be a pay to play event
>filled with connection errors on launch week
>rest of the content will be sold as a 25$ DLC on August
>Miiverse integration is full of maymays
Nintendrones will defend this
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So, you mods who actively delete threads like this and ignore the constant bait threads really are useless dipshits with an agenda, aren't you?

Congratulations on that double standard, yo.
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I need a new hobby. I don't want to fall in that empty, lonely hole again
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Why is shanoa so cute?

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>Best back of any female character
>Nice personality
>Can get wings trough glyphs
>Can turn into a succubus
>Succubus enemies fall lesbian for her
>Loves Cats
>You stupid sexy disciple
>Weak at the start,Turns into a Steamroller later
>Character with the most damage output of all castlevanias
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ITT: Unrepentantly shit characters.

Those characters that you are absolutely unwilling to tolerate because you can't find that grain of likability in any of their characteristics.
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>Youll never be an autistic brony with a successful LP channel that hangs out with a canadian and a 40 year old wizard
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Do femanons have a place in /v/?

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Video games have been around since most of us were born, but the stereotype for adult gamers is always a male. With reason, of course. I believe the male/female ratio of "gamers" (not counting smartphone casuals) is probably at least 80/20% on PC/PS/Xbox, but on Nintendo consoles I believe the m/f ratio is more like 65% to 35%. Everyone on /v/ refers to each other as bro, fag, etc. All male terms. While the better part of femanons flat out disregards it, the ones who feel the need to point out they're female get called attention whores. Which is true and that should be encouraged. But when someone legitimately uses the fact they're a girl to show the others their point of view, or their experience they also get called out for it. Is it a strict no females allowed policy we want to have? or a strict no attention whores allowed?
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