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>it was all a dream
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Let us discuss the game mechanics of a yandere simulator.

>Set in a school
>Pick a boy
>Stalk him
>Kill girls who flirt with / talk to / look at him

>Stealth gameplay, have to stalk the boy without getting spotted, set up "accidents" to kill girls, or kill girls without getting caught, using a variety of school supplies.
>Dating sim gameplay, have to win the heart of the boy you have chosen, without letting him find out that you are a jealous and murderous psychopath.

>Bad end, kill the boy and kill yourself.
>Good end, kill all harlots who tried to steal the boy from you, live happily ever after.

Would /v/ play it?
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Alright, serious question

The people complaining about muh racist witcher 3 are exclusively white.

If you happen to be black, are you bothered by this? Does the skin color of characters in a game matter to you, does it make the game less enjoyable?
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So how long will it take after these things get released for everyone to realize that left thumbstick is practically unusable at that position, and gaben rereleases another version with it moved more off to the left

Id really want to get one, but fuck
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>playing 3DS in cafeteria
>cute guy passes by
>he approaches me
>"hey, nice 3DS! what are you playing?"
>"...F-Fire Emblem Awakening"
>"oh, I love that game!"
>we talk about it for an hour or so
>we exchange e-mails
>see him go
>feel like the luckiest boy in the universe
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Ar Tonelico Series

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So, I just finished Ar no Surge.

What I can get from the story is that the main bad is doing things for the "lulz" or doing it because Nelo is his waifu.

Suprisingly, the main heroine is not a super duper saint unlike other heroines for Jrpgs, but a deranged fuck.

Anyway, the combat leaves a lot to be desired, my favorite out of Ar Tonelico combat is 3, and this game should have cut out Cass and Delta to make the story a little tighter.

Pic related by the way, thank fucking god the PS3 now has a screenshot function
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Samus femdom/general dom thread?
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>think you've finished the game
> it's only halfway over
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It's Thursday, lets have a Skullgirls thread
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