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What games do you play with your boyfriend, /v/?
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I cast Havengul Lich, tapping one mana to activate his ability targeting the Snapcaster mage in your graveyard.
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>I waste hours playing games when I could be reading literature, studying philosophy, analyzing and critiquing culture, and watching arthouse films
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Halo 5

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More pomethean weapons returning
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Ask a sega employee anything
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>game let's you crossdress
>it actually looks good
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>vegetation doesn't cast shadows anymore
>20 FPS
>they have to release 50 demos to get feedback because they're too retarded to design the game themselves
>developer made nothing but some of the worst JRPGs ever created the last 10 years
>game is stuck in development hell
>it looks bad, has an empty open world
>laughable compared to GTA V in every way
>combat is trying to be some kind of casual Devil May Cry
>characters look like Hot Topic catalogue models, too edgy to wear two gloves instead of one, "emo" hair
>takes itself seriously but mediocre looking people don't exist, even the mechanic is a generic bimbo model and looks childish and generic as fuck compared to every female NPC in Witcher, be it Yennefer, Ciri or Triss

Looking forward to playing the game but someone explain the hype, please. Not shitposting, just curious. Anyone even able to explain the hype?
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>mfw all these preview articles saying MGS5 is disappointing

Say it ain't so.
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Vidya Booty Thread

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