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Love Live!

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Zenkai no Rabu Raibu! >>1742771

Emitsun, Soramaru, Rippi, and Shikaco doing an amusement park scenario in the last episode of Fight Club. They acted as Maki, Eli, Nozomi, and Honoka respectively.

Maki (Emitsun): What are Nozomi and Eli going to do?
Eli (Soramaru): Both of us are going to ride the ferris wheel, aren't we?
Nozomi (Rippi): That's right.
NozoEli (Soramaru & Rippi): *sing Garasu no Hanazono*

New Printemps, BiBi, lily white singles: 23 May

Best Live! Collection II: 27 May

NozoHono Variety Box #4: 29 May

Love Live! The School Idol Movie: 13 June in Japan