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What would be a good justification for a setting where martial prowess is almost universally valued? Where across cultures it's seen as not only respectable but also at times expected for certain folks to just also side job as an absolute shitkicker

Magic would still exist but it would take a sideline to people skilled at arms, maybe it's just not as respected

Complex analyses of combat and methods of fighting would exist, finding someone to train you to use a sword is never terribly difficult, multiple famous fighting schools/teachers exist and people often engage in pissing matches over who's school is the superior one. Noble gossip is less frequently about that affair Mistress Rumblebottom is having or the grain prices in Gnawbone and more about how Lord Fartaplenty bested Duke Toot'nfanny in an honorable duel (*gasp* but Duke Toot'nfanny is one of the kings most trusted men! The scandal of having someone so ill equip as an aid)

I'm not 100% sure where I'm going with this but I want a world where duels can happen anywhere anytime and for the stupidest reasons and where once a weapon gets drawn in a barfight it becomes a scene from a crusades painting