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Post your worlds, post your ideas, post your art, and let's help each other flesh out some stuff. I'll post what I've got so far if you guys do.
>List your races
>Give us your myths
>What's the magic level?
>What do you have questions about?
I'll be posting my map progression while I list what I have so far.
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Boycott Games Workshop

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Games Workshop's prices have gotten ridiculous, even for them. Seriously, 50 bucks for a devastator squad? 100 dollars for a tac squad, a dreadnought and a commander? There's no way in hell I'm paying that much, and I know there's other people who can't afford that. What we need to do, is spread word of how terrible this business has become and start a boycotting campaign until GW gets their shit together. My group is moving on to Warmachine/Hordes and other systems for tabletop wargaming. If you have any ideas, comments, critiques, etc. please by all means post away.
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how are gypsies in your setting, /tg/?
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PDF Share Thread

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The last pdf share thread died an early death.Perhaps this one will last longer.
I do not have the lovely list of off-site source material but perhaps it will show up soon.
I begin with H.G. Wells' 1912 rule book, I hope you enjoy it.
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I'm planning a cyberpunk game set in the near future, about 30 years ahead of our time (2045-2050).

What kind of weird, unexpected but realistic stuff do you think might happen in that time? Yes, I know that's somewhat contradictory, but I don't mean the usual predictions of flying cars or invading aliens. Rather, what improbable events might happen within the current reality without resorting to magic, aliens or the supernatural.

Like, people in 1905 didn't expect communism to be sweeping the globe in 40 years, Americans in the 1960s wouldn't have expected a black (-ish) president in the 2000s and nobody expected the west to win the Cold War.

Bonus question: what stuff do we expect to happen but might not (eg, people in the 1970s expected American/Soviet moon bases but that never happened).
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Black's turn. What's his best move? Black has two good moves but one of them is REALLY good. Can you find it?

>chess general
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Horus Heresy 30K General: Pro-Painted Edition

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> Rules Download for HH Books!pFgm0RKR!J06C1gVYcjzNGsF8YNLsjQ

Thoughts on Tempest? Also has anyone ever used a Kharibdyss before? Was thinking of getting 2 for some huge ass blobs of World Eaters with Chaplains
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Sanctum Imperium Ivelius

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Sanctum Imperium Ivelius is /tg/'s nation in a collaborative play-by-post fantasy freeform forum roleplay, appropriately called The Fantasy Sandbox. The quality of the RP on the site is quite good and it offers an opportunity to engage with all kinds of themes.

We, of course, decided to become the villains. The Sanctum Imperium Ivelius is a massive, powerful, evil theocracy. We worship the all-consuming Fire Serpent, who has ordered us to dominate the planet in His name. In a high-magic setting filled with fairies, wizards, and deer people we are xenophobic low-fantasy totalitarians. Witch hunters seek out magic users and burn them at the stake while corrupt clergy preach against the evils of non-humans from ubiquitous pulpits built on the backs of the peasantry. Our legions are nothing more than men with heavy, cruel blades and alchemical fire, and our navy rules half the world's oceans. Though there are several other powers, we dwarf them all.

A dedicated team of around 25 anons, ranging from economists to botanists to drawfags, have put together (and continue to build) an intricate backstory. We're still working on ironing out the creases and nailing down lose ends, and we could use all the help we can get.

====Useful Links====
IRC: Channel:#scriptorium
Previous Thread: >>40441689
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Anon in Comic Books Quest

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First thing.

Marvel or DC?

Which universe, /tg/?
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Is there any system that has a magic system identical or close enough to the magic used in the Eragon series?
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