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Okay so is this a viable character concept for a HERO game?

>300 point buy
>guy is a priest with a revolver who has magical powers (holy fire, healing touch, flash, and bible thumping).
>bunch of bigot and addiction disadvantages.
>he has a powerful multiform power he Can't use in non-critical situations
>turns him into a seraphim which will attempt to incapacitate all enemies around him (team mates exempt) and will immediately return to human form once the threat is gone.
>seraphim multiform (70 points) with disadvantage modifiers for a total of 700 character points for the seraphim multiform.

>pic is what a seraphim looks like.
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Infinity General: Line-Art Edition

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>Infinity is a 28mm skirmish game by Corvus Belli. It is a game where your combat effectiveness is directly proportional to how Genki your tiny helpers are. CrazyKoalas, FastPandas, Spotbots ain't got nothing on Symbiokémon.

>Official site

>All the rules are for free. Buying the books is only relevant for fluff. Human Sphere expansion now included

>Rules wiki

>Official Army Builder

>Roleplaying game coming out spring 2015 by Modiphius based on their 2D20 system



>Also, the epic faction rundown.

>All Consolidated Rules!DhhlRLqJ!6T_kh36C9oLG8kCAJq1e5e_Eu9GO0pU8_hexY2zCcp0

>Latest news is a Human Sphere Announcement [Embed]

>May/June Releases:
Drakios & Scylla, Steel Phalanx's NCO
Intruder HMG
Croc Man
Umbra Legates

>Previous thread
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Elegen/tg/entlemen, today is the day I planned to do something truly outrageous and share with you the logs, for the sake of posterity.

Eight days ago I issued a challenge to the Game Finder, that I would run a game as That /d/M, strictly for That Guys and was immediately filled up.

But the characters that were submitted came out... lacking. All five of them made variations on IM AN INSANE MURDER RAPIST. Which leaves me to believe this inferno will be more of a death sentence than napalm fueled fireworks.

In the coming posts, I'll post their backstories, because I need other opinions on whether this will be worth doing.
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Haven't seen one of these pop up in a while /tg/. Let's get some voices together for our silly pretend games.

Post your requests.
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Meanwhile on Space Marine /tg/
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Space Marine Codex 7th Ed

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Anyone got any of the other scans from earlier today for the new Space Marine Codex?
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/hwg/ - Historical Wargames General

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For those of you who watch this travesty called GoT...

Why the hell didn't this guys sword simply break/bend away when deflected by the goddamn arming sword?

Do people seriously believe a rapier could parry an knight's much heavier arming sword and remain intact? What the fuck next? Beheading by spear?
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hey teegee i was given a metric shit ton of old books from my mum and in them was some of my dads old stuff including these four books.
any tips for using the system?