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For all your questions on Dark Heresy (1st and 2nd Editions), Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, and Only War.

Book Repository

40k RPG Combined Armory, containing every piece of gear in all five lines

Fear and Loathing (Ver 1.5.2), the first /tg/ supplement for playable xenos

The Fringe is Yours (Ver 1.4.8), the second /tg/ supplement for more xenos and equipment from the Horus Heresy

Remember, ask a specific question, we'll be happy to help. But if you're vague, we'll tell you to make your players fight necrons. Probably.

Theme for this thread, what cool character/campaign concepts have you come up with that you've never had a chance to use?
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Here's my deal:

>Tired of PF
>Enjoy the "success/success with consequences/failure" simplicity of Dungeon World
>DW seems a little...soft
>Want to run a gritty Hyborean campaign, where magic is weird and forbidden and monsters are strange and dangerous -- not just a bunch of stats. If players encounter undead, it's going to be "oh shit, this thing is moving!" instead of "oh, it's just a skeleton".

>Have heard FATE is more complex than DW and captures more of what I might be looking for.
>Have heard Savage Worlds is cool too.

Where should I move on from Pathfinder to make my rich and dark and mysterious fantasy campaign happen?
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Planeswalker Quest 0 - CharGen

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You are chilld who is born into one of the planes of the infinite multiverse. Unknown to you or anyone else, you were born with a spark inside you that will one day allow you to travel through the planes.

But for now, you are just a child.

First off, are you a boy or a girl?

Character Sheet:
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Space Marines pdf

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Background music needed

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So I'm setting up my latest campaign, and I need some fresh ambient sounds and music files to use for battles, and other situations, to help set the setting and greatly increase the immersion for my players.

Preferring files around 20-30 minutes long, but more so needing quality than anything else.

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Pokemon Quest, Get! Episode 7

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Fuck it, we're starting early. I've got nothing else going on today. Let's try to make this one last until 9 so I can play with my Aussies and Americans.

Twitter: @LynnCreed

Stacy is staring at you like you have three heads and all of them are talking. “You're crazy,” she says.

“No, really.” You fish in your mind for anything that might help prove your case. “This world has fiction, right? Have you ever wondered where people get their ideas? Maybe some of them aren't really ideas. Maybe some of them are just people picking up information from other realities and they don't know it. Like how you read people's thoughts in your dreams.”

“Or maybe you're just nuts.” Her scorn hurts because it sounds just as awful to your own ears.

“I'll prove it! Please, let me prove it somehow.”

>Try to read my mind (you can spend your 20 on Stacy to improve her psychic abilities, see pastebin)
>Wake up the Delta guy; he can't prove you're not crazy but at least he can confirm you stole the shirts
>Oh fuck, that Exp. Share might still be in the destroyed lab back in Pallet. Maybe you could use it to project your thoughts like Gengar (1d20, requires 18+ to convince Stacy to keep traveling with you if you break out of here)
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Aren't succubi better if they're horrifically ugly in their natural form?
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>shapeshifting dragons
I still haven't gotten over this. Where did it come from? What would dragons really shapeshift into if they were clever?
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Would Goku or the Enterprise-E win in a fight?
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