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Hello, and welcome to

Let's see what sorta Stands we can come up with, and rate those of others.

For a quick Stand, use the following method-
Hit random for the name.
Same deal for the powers.
OR just use

Then, write it up

Everything you ever wanted to know about Stands, but were too afraid to ask.

The next post will have the systems recommended for running Jojo games, along with the question
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Goooooooood evening and welcome everyone to /tg/, where the games are made up, and the points... well the points are sort of like my die rolls - loaded!

We're going to play a game this evening called Scenes from a Hat...
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!6oDssEdyHo (139 replies)

Status Quo Quest Thread 10 - Interlude: In the Halls of Darkness

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The first thing you become aware of, as, gradually, your consciousness returns to you, is that your arm is very, very cold. As, gradually, more sensation returns to you, a cool breeze on your cheek makes itself known, coming and going like someone's impossibly chilled breath. You shift, a bit, and the breeze stills abruptly.

At last, you open your eyes, and look up at darkness. If it weren't for something glowing softly at your side, you don't think opening your eyes would have really done you any good. Turning your head, you come face-to-transparent-face with a very startled looking young woman. Your arm seems to be completely inside of her - and it's very difficult to move it. She recoils a bit, surprised, and then flies over you, disappearing through stone inches to your right.

Equally surprised, you sit up suddenly, breaking the thick stone above you with your face, revealing that you were sleeping(?) in a large, stone coffin, on a pedestal in the centre of a grand, empty room, softly glowing runes covering every wall.

You can't quite put your finger on it, but something about this room strikes you as quite comfortable. And you didn't even hurt your face, which is a big plus. As you're brushing some of the shattered stone away, the see-through girl returns, flying circles around a flustered-sounding woman, who's carrying a tray of...are those softly-glowing cookies?

"What is it?" She asks, in an exasperated tone. "You weren't cuddling with the master again, were you? You know that..." She's wearing a pink, frilled apron, and stops dead as she sees you looking her way. "...Oh, my." She drops the tray of cookies, and while the transparent girl dives under it, breaking its fall, it also seems to be much too heavy for her, pressing her down to the ground. The tray slowly starts to sink through her, as the cookies themselves remain perched on her transparent body. She waves a hand, frantically, but the other woman hasn't moved since she saw you there.
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ITT: Create your Ideal Grail War - The Great Holy Grail War Version

Easy mode: only 7 servants
Normal mode: free for all
Recycle mode: only canonical heroic spirits but summoned in alternative classes
Hard mode: no canonical heroic spirits
Heaven or Hell: no more than one heroic spirit from the same century and origin nation (for example; if you take Li Shuwen then both 20th century and China are banned)

For the unaware:
>14 heroes/legendary individuals from the past that achieved superhuman deeds are brought into being by a drinking cup to fight under one of seven standard classes for a single wish, commanded by a regular squishy human mage in a war that is overseen by the 15th servant; the Ruler (summoned by the grail and tasked with overseeing the war and protecting the grail)
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SuperHuman Legacy Quest 6

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Your name is Thomas Cairn, and you have no clue what you jumped into. Your dad was an infamous superhero known as The Red Rider, and he showed up dead in an alley about three months ago.When you were checking out a storage unit you inherited from him, everything changed. You gained his powers, a brain able to calculate faster than light, and an uncanny affinity for machinery.

Using your powers, you were easily able to get into the world's top engineering college, Central Cosmopolis Institute. But just as you were ready to leave everything behind in your hometown, Comet City, and move on, one of your dad's "co-workers", John Salvos, stopped by. He had an envelope from your dad, inside was the key to a safehouse in Cosmopolis, and a letter from The Red Rider.

The letter told you many things, including the existence of the murderer, Menace, a supervillain with unknown abilities. It also led you to your dad's lab/safehouse, where you passed copies of his notes on Menace to Mr. Salvos. Mr. Salvos was revealed to be the Superhero Swordsman when he showed up in a fight against the Supervillain Boombox. He provided you with an address, and you have just discovered that it was leading you to his base.

Archived Threads:


Tech Notes:

Plot Point Notes:

MC Notes:

>I have refined the system a bit through a new mechanic I like to call "All in Due Time", allowing for the storage of a critical success and using it later to change a crit fail to a fail, a fail to a success, etc. After a crit success is rolled, there will be a vote to save it or not. if you do save it, it counts as a regular success

>Part 1/2
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Netrunner References

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So one of the many cool things in Android: Netrunner is the large number of references to classic cyberpunk, mythology, sci-fi, real world places and people, other games, pop culture and so on. Some of them are pretty obscure, some of them are more obvious. We should have a thread where we point out as many of these references as possible.

I'll start with a really obvious one. ZU.13 Key Master is a clear reference to Ghostbusters.
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Worldbuilding Thread

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Want feedback? Ideas? A place to dump your shit and hope for replies but you won't get any? Well here it is!

Like all worldbuilding threads; please respond to at least one post before posting any of your own material; these threads often die because of lack of discussion, and YOU can stop it by just being a little considerate.

Starter question;
>What kind of your various races live in? Whats the architecture like?
>How does it vary by region?
>What practical features are most important?
>How are cities and towns designed?
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Halo Mythic: Tabletop RPG

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Bestiary Specialization, Nemesis Rules, Support System, two new vehicles, two new weapons, and San 'Shyuum in Character Creation.

We still have more tools and rules to work on. Still have to find artifacts to replace or remove, and we have a lot more ideas floating around.

I just went through and grabbed cut content that really filled the void in some dynamics of war, such as Artillery weapons, and a Covenant heavy that isn't a literal flying Scarab, but more of a flying Wraith.

The GM section can always use some more tools, because making the job easier for a GM is always a good thing.

Lets get this ball rolling. Everything added needs a lookover.
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Valkyria Chronicles: First Europan War Quest

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>Twitter: @EuroWarQM

You've been ordered to never, even mention anything about General Konrad's betrayal and contact with other units has been kept to a minimum in order to prevent word from spreading out. That's not unexpected. After all, it'd be bad for morale if the people found out that one of their Generals had turned on them. That good news is that Gallia has decided to increase its efforts. You've fortified the Valkyrur's temple into a real defensive position and the supply lines through the desert have been secured. You won't be running out of bullets any time soon.

Your squad has seem some action while General Gunther was sorting things out, but there wasn't much - most of the Imperial forces who spotted you turned tail and ran immediately. They seem to be avoiding engagements. Rumour has it that General Gunther is getting ready to go on the offensive, but orders haven't come down yet.

You're just killing time until they do.

>See how the tank is doing.
>Catch up with the scouts.
>Check the squad's inventory.
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Battletech General: Lucky Stars Edition

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/btg/ is dead! Long live /btg/!
Republic II is out

Previous thread: >>40474731

>/btg/ does a TRO. (not spam)

>How do I do this Against the Bot thing?

>Can I get an overview of the major factions?

>Map of /btg/ players (WIP):

>Battletech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Rookie guides

> - Battletech Wiki

>Megamek - computer version of Battletech. Play with AI or other players

>SSW Mech Designer

>Battletech IRC
#battletech on

>PDF Folders

Daily Reminder That fronc stronc
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