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[WoD] General

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>Onyx Path Schedule

>Custom Character sheets

>Character-portraits (more will be added soon)

>The White-Wolf Wiki

>Beast: The Primordial Draft Text

>Where do I get WoD books?
For free: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8AD3624233871C8F0383BC7B8425D52162606835&dn=new+World+of+Darkness+Book+Collection+-+Complete+to+March+2015&

For sale:

Previously, on /wodg/: >>40491607
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Meanwhile, on Phyrexian /tg/...
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Hellborn Quest 109

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The Story So Far:
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QM Twitter:
Character Sheet: (pictures within)
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Your name is Sierra Beckhoff, and you are hellborn – part mortal, part demon. Ever since you ran into a family of demon hunters, a lot of weird (but cool) stuff has gone down. You’ve battled rogue generals, joined the a baron’s conclave of demonic advisors, and dueled landmasters. You maybe even met a real live dragon – though you’re not a hundred percent on that one. Most surprisingly though, you just recently graduated high school.

You’ve just tied up all the loose ends keeping you in town. Now, all that’s left now is to pile in a car and ride into the sunset on your pan-American road trip, obnoxiously sending a postcard back home from every backwater rest stop on the way. Everybody’s coming – Ro, Vikrama, and even Xanissil. And now that Moriah’s agreed for sure she’s coming, it’s going to be a blast, wherever you wind up going.


You scoff at Moriah’s declaration of intent. “Duh you’re coming with us,” you say, sitting up a little on Vikrama’s tiger carpet so you can get a better look at her. “You had no choice.”

You can feel a tinge of amusement in her aura, though she gives no physical indication of humor. “I see,” she says.

“So now that we have five and a half people,” you say, “maybe we should rent an RV or a van or something? Something huge.” Preferably so you could even take your motorcycle along, if you wanted to go on solo voyages from the group.

“Renting a plus-sized vehicle wasn’t an option, darling,” says Vikrama, laughing to herself. “I’m not spending days cooped up with a dog in a minivan.”

Moriah considers this. “Don’t you need a special permit to drive an RV?” she asks.
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Homeless Mutant Quest 119

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You are John James Green, mutant vagrant.

“Ew, man, watch out!”

“What? What am I”–

“His eye!”

You’re currently making your way along the semi-suburban streets leading up to the Blonde Phantom Detective Agency, you’re carrying your unconscious friend-slash-ward-slash-roommate, and Noriko jut made you aware that you’re kind of bleeding on him a little.

“Ah, crap.”

Pulling your hand away, you check your wrist quickly. Most of the torn flesh is healed, but you were bleeding just about enough to make a bit of a mess.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to, I didn’t even”– Noriko cuts you off, motioning for you to pass him over.

“Man, I think some of it got in his”– Her knees buckle slightly as you hand Lucas over, and she is momentarily silenced as she struggles to lift the boy. “…Holy shit, how is this kid so damn heavy? What’ve you been feeding him?”

Trailing slightly behind, Laura speaks up. “If the mass-energy equivalence applies to Lucas’ abilities”–

“Here, you carry him.” Noriko interrupts, shoving Lucas toward Roberto, who gives the both of them a harried look. “You have big arms.”

“Uh, yeah… okay.”
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Alright lads, me and my roomate are co-dming a campaign that draws heavily from the Sunless Sea. The setting is pathfinder, any suggestions for encounters, events, random shit?
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>GM puts us in a vampire lady's castle
>we accidentally piss her off
>we've been trapped in there for about three in-game weeks so far (4 sessions)

I want off this ride. Why are there so goddamn many monsters hiding in a vampire lady's castle? HOW IS THIS THE JUST PUNISHMENT FOR INSULTING A SOME CURTAINS IN PASSING?
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How do you like your superspies, /tg/? The so-called ace-in-the-hole for any national intelligence organization, these rare individuals are favored for their resourcefulness, steel nerves, and often their handiness with weapons. But what is it that really makes them who they are, in any given setting? Charm, bravado, recklessness, cold calculation? Are they famed for their prowess amongst the opposite sex, or are they feared by everyone they meet, even those in their own office? If you have one in your game or setting, what are they like?
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I'm running a game where the players are exploring a piece of ancient DnD-land history, but I have a question I haven't been able to find a satisfactory answer to.

Where did the genies come from, and when did they first show up? As far as I can tell they were just ...always there on the Inner Planes. They were originally subservient to the Vaati who were almost driven to extinction in the War Between Law and Chaos. I've already read Secrets of the Lamp, and it doesn't contain any useful information on genie history whatsoever.
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How can I take the Kanak Skulltakers -or at least another melee orientated guard army- onto the table top?

I was thinking about using an unbound inquisitional army with warrior acolytes and an allied IG detachment with Lord Commissars and some melta vets for holding objectives.

Would this be acceptable?