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it'll stop going up right /tg/?
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Space Monkeys Quest 23: That Green Planet

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Even with FTL, the trip to Namek is going to take some time, enough to get something done.

Raditz and Tore have both been training almost non-stop, scared about what they're going to have to right upon reaching Namek.

Bulma, of course, has been stuck inside her lab the whole time, furiously trying to solve how to grow new Senzu Beans without the use of Korin's magic.

Teito and Risel both seem uncertain, both torn between training and other activities. Teito is thinking about applying upgrades to the ship, while Risel is undecided on helping Bulma with her work, having been Bulma's assistant on the project earlier.

>Tell both to get into the training room
>Teito, work on the ship
>Risel help Bulma out
>Anything other than training for Kabuya
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The NPC cleric happens to be one of the PC's mother, or alternatively, the party cleric is being played in real life by one of the player's mother.

What sort of antics would ensue?
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[Wod] [BtP] Beast: The Primordial problems discussion

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So. This week BlackHatMatt is going to make an thread to answer questions about Beast. He's only going to listen to anyone who has complaints that are "in good faith", though. Rich suggests that there's still time to make changes to Beast.

So, what do we feel are changes that should be made? Reasonable changes that could viably tweak the fluff to bring the themes together in a way that doesn't have you playing sociopaths who the line developer treats as woobies fighting back against MRAs even though the MRA stand ins were made into monsters by the woobies using abuse tactics against them? Is it possible to save the game, or would it need too-extensive rewrites?

I highly encourage people to actually READ THE BOOK before making their judgements based on what has been said in the thread.
>Beast: The Primordial Draft Text

Is anyone with a account willing to act as spokesperson? And is anyone willing to make accounts so that they can add their voices?
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Foolish Questions Part 1: Necrons

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Hey there, /tg/. I've been a bit out of the loop on the current state of 40k lore for a while and i've been trying to catch up on it recently. I've been looking at the current fluff of the Necrons, and as i read about it, I recall all the shitstorm that surrounded their most recent update, and yet looking at the material I don't really see anything that was really so bad. Was there ever a consensus of any sort reached about the status of the newcrons? Is the more human vision of the faction a good or bad thing and why?

tl, dr: What did yall decide about the new necrons fluff? good, bad, meh? Why?
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Star Wars General: Yub Yub Edition

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Post about FFG, d6, Saga/d20, X-wing, and more.

RPG books and resources(EotE, AoR, F&D, D6, Saga, RuneQuest)

Rescue on Glare Peak (AoR adventure module)!JAlyjQpA!k747TWhL3pES9NqQPle3DHjacA3KaqRav3mJjdQSs3k

Visual Guides

Deckplans and such

Most of the ships that shipfag has statted
Shipfag's Ugly Starfighter Creation System

Danon's repository of uglies (illustrated edition, v1.0)

Just what IS a Gundark? The Wildlife of Star Wars: a Field Guide is here to answer you!

Coruscant Translator - Like Google, but for the GFFA

FFG Dice and You


So you want to watch The Clone Wars (but you don't want to watch the whole series)

Daily Reminder that one day the Ewoks will go to space, and find that the galaxy is an all-you-can-eat buffet.
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Improvaizen Quest

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Improvaizen Quest Chapter XXVII: Two Minutes to Kubo.

You have 50XP, 50 Nachos, 4 Mate, 4 Kubo Points 10 suspicion points and 1 trophy (for a Milestone worth 100xp, ).

Your character sheet comes later- because you have these to work on!

New abilities for any future character sheet:

You are Sosuke Aizen. You are at a meeting of the nobility where there is a golden egg on a pedestal. Underneath it is a stand that says "Only the Head of the Hidden House can open this egg." It looks like a big gold version of the toy your grandfather gave you as a kid. It might even have the same prize inside. But probably not. Yourichi is in exceptionally formal attire, as is the Captain Ginrei Kuchki of Squad six and guardian of the historical society. Additionally there is the Lieutenant of Squad Ten and Captain Ukitake's Prodigy- both from the Kiba house in some formal attire. You have some work to do it seems.

>> Go talk to the Captain of Squad Six
>> Go talk to the Kiba clan
>> Go talk to Yourichi
>> Crack that Egg Open
>> Talk to the Captain Commander
>> Go schmooze with some of the Central 46
>> Write in
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"That Guy" when it comes to story

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We always have "That Guy" Every group does. This is a thread specifically for "That Guy" saying something in your story doesn't make sense. Let me tell you a good one I just had today.

>D&D 3.5
>Game-world cut off from rest of the world
>Reason being the Abyss is trying to pour through to the Material Plane
>4 heroes sacrificed themselves to become a demi-god that keeps the Abyss in check
>4 traitor Chromatic dragons throw the original war in the 4 heroes favor
>Later revealed that one of the dragons was a party NPC the whole time
>"But anon! That doesn't make sense! Why would he be with us!"
>To hide from the Abyss agents
>"That's dumb I'm not playing anymore."

There were literally no other complaints from anyone until this one thing. It's a small game for 3-6 players and we just lost our 3rd regular player. The other 2 are a decent Fighter Half-Orc and a guy who rolled up 4 characters in a 5 hour session because they kept dying. This guy also thinks that taking a level 0 and charging into battle is a good idea. Level 0 Tiefling mind you.
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I'm having trouble mapping out a top secret underground lab (for Shadowrun if it's important). The difficulties lie in making it not only feel functional, but also secure and inhabitable by human beings. Anyone got any ideas?
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