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RE: Human Quest 4

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Yesterday afternoon, after your duel with David, your mom ended up conscripting you to help her repair some training dummies. It wasn’t bad, but really, after lugging all of them around and fetching straw for the better part of three hours, you were exhausted and fell asleep right after dinner.

Now, it’s the morning, and you’re back to your normal early hours. You’ve climbed up on top of the house as the sun slowly begins to rise behind you. A few rows of houses away, you can see the river, still shadowed for the moment, but up here in the cool breeze, there’s just enough light to read by. Reaching into your belt pouch, you pull out the letter and start reading.

‘To the lucky, or at the very least, adventurous, finder of my compass, I leave to you this note, my legacy, and an old dog’s last request.’

This part as no more informative than it was last night, but it’s a long letter, so you read on.

‘My name is Antoin Martellus, slayer of monsters, champion of the weak, and prolific adventurer. During my life, if I am permitted now some small measure of vanity, I have done much. However, I do not pen this letter to enumerate my deeds or wax eloquent on my so called greatness. Indeed, by the time my resting place is found, I do not doubt I will have been forgotten, and that new Heroes will have taken my place. That is the nature of living things after all, that the old be replaced with the new’

‘And that, if you will forgive my longwinded introduction, brings me to the heart of the matter’

‘I have done many things in my life, but I take more pride in the many students I have taught. From those who learned to hold a sword and shield under my banner, to those who came to me in a time of need and learned to stand on their own when I left. For, I have found, that there are many among us who can be great. The true challenge lies in nurturing that greatness.’