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Devil May Cry Quest 4

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This is Devil May Cry Quest, a quest centered around the life of a young man who lives in rural Pennsylvania. It is set several years after the events of DMC4. You play as Duncan, a 19 year old man who works as Devil Hunter, and lives in an income-based apartment, alone. You were raised by catholic nuns for years after your parents left you on the doorstep of the church. None of the nuns know who left you or why you were left behind. After being adopted, you moved from home to home regularly when your foster parents would frequently have some form of tragedy strike them. Your two best friends are guys you went to highschool with, Robbie and Ted. They work menial jobs. Your greatest pleasure in life is hunting Devils. Robbie is a gruff factory worker who you've known since you moved to this town of Dunwich two years older, Someone reliable who, like you, enjoys relaxing with a drink after a tough day's work. Your friend Ted is the more comedic of the three, and has a huge fascination with old horror films. Between the three of you, there's a clear imbalance since you've gained your powers.

You live an extraordinary life. There are many odd aspects about you. Stark white hair, and an extraordinary physical strength and reaction speed. These powers awakened several days ago, when you absorbed the soul of a demon possessing a man who lived across the hall. You've only grown stronger since, and even earned your sword named Abandon after a journey to Hell. Who knows what could happen if you actually had a little motivation?

Votes end after 10 minutes. Write-ins are an option, but stupid suggestions will be ignored at my discretion. Have fun, and try not to get everyone you know killed. Or others, for that matter.