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So /sci/ Whose Nail is it?
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Ok so you know that normal people basically understand magnets to be magic thanks to that Juggalo "miracles" video, so we are left to the Gods as to what makes them work, but I, a godless heathen, turn to /sci/

Where does the energy for magnets' pulling force coming from? If I were to drop this magnet into that sticky iron fluid enough in the video, would it eventually lose its strength and stop pulling metals towards it? Where did it get the strength to begin with?
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You'll never learn all there is to learn, so what is the point in learning? Unless, you simply want a job for money.
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Hey /sci/

/fit/izen here

Just started my first semester for Chemical Engineering degree. How fucking hard is this shit gonna be?
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What courses are you taking for the summer semester /sci/?
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What are the odds that regeneration will be possible in our lifetimes.
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I figure you guys are the smartest board on 4chan, how accurate is this image?
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Why wouldn't this work?
You can suck water right out of the atmosphere with a chiller and use the energy from the falling water to run a generator witch supplies the chiller with electricity.

This gives you unlimited free water in the middle of the desert.
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>final year of MEng
>had over a month to do a 20 page maximum report worth 50 % of a course that's worth half the credits of my first term
>done barely anything, it's due in two days
>plan to dump every thing I've done so far in to report format and then grind my way up to 10 pages of shit
>this is exactly how my previous report went
>this is exactly how my bachelor's thesis went

Wow, what a way to fall. 3 years ago I got a prize for uni exam results. 2 years ago I got a scholarship. Now I've been phoning it in for almost a full year. If I have zero interest in my subject, no friends or acquaintances, and dislike my uni, do I get a pass?

Thankfully I can still get a first class honours degree with a shit grade on this course.

Tell me about your procrastination
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