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okay so this is driving me NUTS

I keep seeing these little circles that people keep making somehow with a keyboard shortcut or something (see attached .png) and I can't figure out how to make them. Inb4 "newfag can't circle" or whatever.

no, I don't mean the zeroes. I can make those: 000 (they're ovals anyway, not circles)

How do I make the little circles?

Thanks :^P
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wew lad
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Birds are not that important
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It is 1984 at a simple medical laboratory in California. The dog is a young adult German Shephered named Star. He has been taught to sit and roll over. He is partially sedated. Vascular connections are achieved at 10:25 AM. All blood has been flushed from his body within ten minutes and replaced with a chemical formula developed in-house. Clinical death and bloodless perfusion at four degrees Celsius is declared at 10:41 AM. Star is kept in this state through cryogenic refrigeration for one hour. Blood is reintroduced and core temperature is raised. Resuscitation is successful after 68 minutes of clinical death.

Star is asked to sit and roll over. He obeys. The experiment is declared a success, brain structures storing memories can be cryogenically preserved. There is no way for Star to communicate that he can now see the spirits of the dead arrayed along an infinite plane of time and space and that our entire waking reality exists as a fragile filament trapped in the dark currents of a deep, dead ocean. So he eats Milk-Bones and licks feet for 12 years and then becomes a ghost.

[fortune color="#2a56fb"]Your fortune: Better not tell you now[/fortune]
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lolso rendum
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