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new meme: it not being okay
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*eat more celery*
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i was watching the blue gold documentary and suddenly feelman
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your biggest opinion on europe invading usa
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lol what if a new kind of pig was discover and it looks just like mrs piggy that would be crazy
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EsforesCraft Update [Finite World Size and Anti-Grief]

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Hello! This is the 3rd thread for EsforesCraft which you can join at :^)

I have reverted from wanting a CivCraft and instead decided to keep the server vanilla. However I like the idea of a finite world so we can actually find each other considering not many people will actually join (I don't think). Currently the world is limited to 6,000 blocks in each direction (36km2 to run around on and 9216km3 cubic meters to dig and build in). If you think the world should be bigger or smaller let me hear your feedback!

I will also accept comments and questions about the server at

Notable: The server is now running the Grief Prevention plugin so don't worry about losing that cool thing you built! Or pets or dropped items from dying etc etc. :^)

[fortune color="#43fd3b"]Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail[/fortune]
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im not a robot
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Twinkles = topkek? :^)

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>be me
>be 16
>watch teletubbies every day
>have all the merchandise
>parents think I'm weird
>think about suicide
>one day open bathroom window while taking a shit
>feel it come out
>look down
>it's a Twinkie
>tinkie winkie climbs in through the window
>he pushes me out of the way
>he eats the Twinkie
>I've been dreaming of this my entire life
>more teletubbies climb in through the open window
>I know what I must do
>push out all the Twinkie shits I can
>they eat them, and lala holds one out for me to eat
>join hands in a circle
>chant words I still don't understand
>the bathroom disappears
>wake up in the teletubbies' base
>eat tubby custard every day
>never been happier
>pray to baby face sun I will never have to leave
>still live there to this day