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>I'm on so many levels of irony, meta and sincerity that the roaches find my very existence and impossible and confusing.
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le meme gifs
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This thread is to honor Calvin - possibly the greatest namefig in [s4s] history. He created the dank and extremely ebin 'anime hair' meme, which generated much quality OC and lulz.
Calvin - we salute you!
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dr pavel im cia

[fortune color="#16f174"]Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン [/fortune]
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So I told this guy to lay on the floor and...
he actually did it, the absolute madman!
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hahahahahahah snakes are saurian, unthinking creatures how funny would it be if they were in charge of the judicial process!!!!!!!
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I have an idea that will purge the cancer from [s4s]. Rename every single board to [s4s], the only people who would be able to tell which [s4s] is the real [s4s] will be known as true masters of memes and will be able to post here.
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