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i use this namefig like once a week to blankpost and check my fortune and i already have an impersonator somehow

[fortune color="#7fec11"]Your fortune: Bad Luck[/fortune]
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itt we wait >3500000
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No.3467522 ViewReplyOriginalReport their a charcater that could eaven posisibly EVEN TOUCH Marada Ucheha??? Let alone de FEAT this LERGEND??? BRO..... I'm nott akling about EDOUGH TESNEI UCHEHA MARADA! I’m NOT EVEN talking about GOUDOUGH RINNIE TESNEI UCHEHA MARADA either! Shit. I’m DEFANATELY NOT talking about JEWBEY JENCHOORUKI GOUDOUGH RINNIE TESNEI UCHEHA MARADA with the ETERNAL MANGOKYO SHARINGGONE and RINNIEGONE DOUGHJEWSEWS (with the RIKODOUGH ablilties and being cabaple of both AMATERASEW [more like Amater your mom's asshole LMAO] and SUKUYUMMY GENJEWEDSEW), equiped with his GUN....... a PERFECT SUSANOO'O'O'O'O'O'O'O, control of the JEWS and GEDOUGH MAZOUGH, with THE BIG MAN’s DNA implanted in him so he has MOTOGENKUNOTOPKEKKEIKAI and can perform YIN YANG RELEASE NINJEWEDSEW while being an expert in OWNING THE GLASS!
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Single man looking for an cool GF

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I'm a single american guy looking for a cool girlfriend who likes anime, and can take a joke (Mostly 9/11 and Nigger Memes) but also take things seriously too.
Basically I want someone who wants a serious relationship. Someone who is basically cool and not a cock jockey.

Skype: ryan0ff
Please don't meme me 4Chan
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