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>mfw people on esforce are using my memes

get your own :(
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Payback time!

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Ok dudes, here's the thing. I asked this faggot on porn forum to re-upload a few flicks for me cause the links have long expired and basically dead, only the thread is still alive, but the fucker simply wouldn't talk back to me, yet he's there and he ups mighty shitloads of porn flicks of another kind, mostly shemale faggy crapola, which isn't even normal, but that's not the point. I know he DOES have them old flicks, he simply can't bother to even LIE to me that he deleted them at some point or whatever, he's just being quiet. And yes, i know the messages reach him, cause one time he did pm me after i messaged him straight in one of his threads after i had pm'd him a couple of times. That moron didn't recognize me and said in pm "Hey, what's up! I didn't receive any pms from you!", while he simply thought i'm somoene else, and when i repeated my request he simply went quiet again, and this time both in pm and any active threads of his. What a fucking faggot! So here's the deal folks, if you sympathize with me and wish to bring him to justice for once join there and litter his threads to the motherfucking hell! I've already done it as much as i could by posting pictures of feces, gore and abusive texts (seems like there are no moderators even that would prevent it), but the asshole just won't react nor stop posting his faggot shit. Here's a direct link to both forum and the threads (his nick is chapterx): Any action on your part is infinitely appreciated!!! And one more thing: it's not about the porn flicks, it's just a principle, cause i hate such self-absorbed selfish motherfucking pricks and i want at least to make their life somewhat more difficult!
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give me all of your memes or momiji gets it!!

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