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/r9k/ Tribe Game - Incoming Normies Edition

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You control a group of robots in ancient times, highest last two digits of post number determine course of action. It's been a hard journey for the small robot group, but they seem to have done pretty well so far;

>Found a cave by a lake and settled in, defeated a group of normies and banded with them to form a tribe
>Had some problems with integration and cultural differences, but things have smoothed overtime
>Now the tribe has set its sights outward, looking to surrounding areas

Without any remaining competition, the group controls the lake and the only other people are a small group downriver. Currently, a trading team from the other group has been taken hostage in the robot village, and the intent has been to try to convert them to robots using mind altering drugs. In response however, a second team from the group downriver has been dispatched to see what became of the first team, and will arrive in a few days.

>What do?