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Someone in Sydney please become my girlfriend.

The night is cold and I am depressed and alone.
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>be cyborg
>get lots of qt tail in college
>travel around the world
>generally act like a smug narcissistic asshole and have tons of fun with interesting and beautiful people
>fast forward many years, almost 30 now
>probably losing hair
>health deteriorating due to natural process of aging
>pretty lonely because I alienated a lot of being due to being a prick when I was younger
>death fast approaches, I assume least I didn't waste the first part of my life. At least I can look back on all of it with some measure of satisfaction.

It does suck, though, the feeling that none of it really mattered. It's not like I earned points every time I plowed some tight teen pussy that I can now exchange for character perks. I only have what I have, which

So I guess what I'm saying is...nothing really matters, so why worry about it? Maybe?

I dunno, robots. Help me out here.
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Are there people that don't want any friends? Or are they just coping with the fact that no one wants to be their friend?
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Anyone else have a fetish for women with long nail beds?
>tfw every girl you date has short stubby ones
Makes me feel like I'm dating a 14 year old
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>tfw wizchan is more dank than r9k and s4s combined
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That's it, guys. This is my last post. I'm going to kill myself tonight.

Was nice knowing you guys, had some great laughs with you all.

Maybe we'll meet again.

Good bye.
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Pipi Thread

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Mods are asleep. post girl frogs.
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One of these thread, r9k edition.
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red flags for men

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>he doesnt brush his teeth
>he watches anime
>he has a "way-foo"
>he pees in anything except a toilet
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