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Chinese wikipedia article of 4chan

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Look how much shit they have on there.
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Are there any leftist boards on 4chan, or are they all right wing from /pol/s influence?

Where would you place your homeboard on this chart? What about other boards?
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ITT: Newfag Guides

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What newfag guides exist for your board?

We made pic related a couple weeks ago on /tg/.

Fa/tg/uy reporting.
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Who /FEFe/ here?
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Are any of you concerned that you might be addicted to 4chan? It's pretty much all I do in my spare time. I had a three day ban that was just lifted and it was extremely frustrating not being able to post, almost like going through withdrawal. Do any other anons get this feeling, and have you done anything about it?
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What do members of each board refer to themselves as?

/a/ = /a/nons
/b/ = /b/tards
/d/ = /d/eviants
/g/ = /g/entoomen
/v/ = /v/irgins
/asp/ = /asp/ies
/ck/ = cu/ck/s
/fa/ = /fa/ggots
/fit/ = /fit/izens
/mlp/ = nor/mlp/eople
/pol/ = /pol/acks
/sp/ = /sp/artans
/tg/ = fa/tg/uys
/vp/ = /vp/oreans (formerly known as /tr/ainers)
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