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This is nice board
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What makes this ass so sexy ?
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Welcome aboard , s/qa/ds!
Take a look at below listed points.This will optimise quality of your posts.

1.This board Is for Q/A , this board is Not suggestion box, we can't do anything about your board problems .However ,boards discussions are acceptable.

2. Please check the Catalog (try to use search) before post to avoid making a duplicate threads
- your questions may already have been ask.
If your questions are basic - view the archived threads.Probably you will find the answer.

3. Ask your questions in expedient and proper way and always give /qa/lity answers.
Do not answer on similar and duplicate threads ,ignore them.

4. /qa/ is a slow board, you don't need to self bump/ spam on your threads.
There is no worries if your thread is not on the front page (all threads in /qa/ are monitored).

5. Don't answer to shitposting/baits just IGNORE them and continue.
If you willing so much to answer.. -it type" sage " in [Options] to prevent unnecessary bump.
>If nobody goes apeshit, nobody will care and shitposting will simply die.

6. ALL GLOBAL rules are in charge [][] them!
and also all requests go in >>>/r/.

7. Dont spam on threads and cry for attention
-if you want to be special snowflake - there is a lot other palces in 4chan/Internet

8. Respect others opinion and answer to them in appropriate way.
And dont forget :pretending to be newfag - makes you newfag and ironic shitposting is shitposting.

9.Always be chill and have fun.
>implying there is a chance to have fun in 4chan.
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I nominate nu pepe as the official meme of /qa/
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What is truth?
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Why didn't this take off as a meme?
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An Hero

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Does anyone know the people in this pic? Mitchell Henderson AKA an hero is in the middle (4th from the right), that's all I know.
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