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board description

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about 2 months ago we had a thread about these board descriptions on google.
we didn't have a description back then but i just checked again and now we do.

do you agree with our description? is this board for questions and answers? should we have a more detailed sticky limiting the types of questions to 4chan-related? or should we be able to ask literally any questions?
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Who exactly coined the term "dumb frogposter"? What board did it come from, when was it first posted, and when and why did it begin to take prominence?
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the newest, hottest, freshest meme

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nu patton
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this is nice board

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this is nice board
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How can we make this board nicer? I think if we add more memes and take away all the boring lame stuff (headmates and spergy seriouslys) then we can have fun here :^) how do you feel ?
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How nice is this board ?
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is this a nice board?
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Hello /qa/ !

Why did you like your home board ?

How did you ended there ?

What was your 1st expression?
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What is the story behind bury pink girl ?

What was the origin ?
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