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What boards have lore?
I already know these:
>/r9k/: Pepe, Wojak, Chad
>[s4s]: [s4s]-tan, Bury Pink Gril, the lel family, some Wojak lore, dogefruits
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Transparent Images

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The transparent pixels in PNG images still have a color; you just can't see it. You can turn transparency off and see what's there by going into the color levels dialog in GIMP or whatever photo editor you use and setting the output levels for the alpha channel to 255-255. Usually there's nothing there, but sometimes there is.
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What does this have to do with 4chan?
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4chan cup thread

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Old thread;
Figured I'd make a new one.

Round of 16 started today.
/cgl/ is already one up on /cm/.

Finals tomorrow.
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Do you think any of [s4s]'s dank memes have any chance of earnestly penetrating mainstream internet culture or is the board forever going to be a hive of injokes that never really leave the board?
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Risk threads

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What does /qa/ think about Risk threads?

Why is the circlejerking so bad?
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Why do we need to take care of our birds?
Are they important ?
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old /int/

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what was /int/ like before it was taken over by generals filled with people acting ironically gay?
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