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Post yfw the first time you got banned, which board and for what reason

>banned for checking dubs
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Are people still going on about GamerGate and SJWs on your homeboard?
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Why does putting "sh○ta" in the OP still trigger an autosage?

Why do threads with sh○ta undertones (on /v/ and sometimes /a/) get pruned/deleted so often while loli threads almost always get to stay up?
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So why does he wear the mask?
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Do you have a filter list for any boards? Be it tripfags or threads.

Post your filter list.
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Why is 4chan so gay?
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How do we save /tv/?
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Has the Internet affected your sexual preferences or sexuality?
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If you could turn back time, how would you help Chris-chan?
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What's the oldest meme still being actively posted?

Some possible contenders:
- loss.jpg
- greentexting
- mai waifu
- everything to do with CWC
- weeaboo
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