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will 4chan get rid out of dank memes ...ever ?

can we do anything about it ?
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Fedora trading station

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Hi /qa/! Post the best fedora macros you have amassed while browsing 4chan.
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What other hidden boards are there?
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Has a board you visit changed this year?

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/ic/ is littered with "it's muh style" works and memes now.
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>/tv/ is surprisingly full of pedophiles
>/mlp/ is suprisingly not

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who is the oldest tripfag who still posts actively? (moot excluded obviously)
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in this itt we ask question to mods that won't get answered

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if u could ask any mod, developer, or the new admin team (aka yotsuba group) any question, what would u ask?

i'd ask why they hate doges when they're so cuddly and fluffy and cute.
pic related. it's a doge that developed several depressions and then commuted suicune after being bullied by doge hating anti-canite mods.
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i've had it with these fucking captchas
i hate these picture based captchas and now you have to solve them multiple times

why did they get rid of the old captchas where you just had to type a word or two? that's so much easier and you can just tab to the next box
i hate captcha so much
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When did the report limit get worse?
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should people be able to delete their posts?

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we've had a time limit for a while now where u have to wait longer before deleting ur posts, and recently we have only a limited time before we can't delete the post anymore.

still i've seen a few occasions where people would delete their own posts then take advantage of lack of id's and blame the mods for "censoring" them. do u think the average 4chan user is mature enough to have the power to delete their own posts, or should it be completely left to the mods?
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