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why can't we wordfilter cuck already? It's getting out of hand.
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Nostalgia thread? I have a 4chan nostalgia folder that has all moots qa's, all panel videos, all the flash archive swfs, everything from Bible Anon. what other stuff should I have? does anyone else have a folder with 4chan and 4chan related stuff?
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So you're in the club and this guy slaps your gf's ass.
What do ?
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Threads stating a "trip to 2chan" should be a ban. They act as raids and I'm annoyed with seeing this posted every week on futaba.
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please ban spammers on [s4s] who spam unfunny/unmemetic characters they like at the expense of everyone else trying to enjoy the board. I'm talking about raven bune, CIAss, kekkats impersonation, herbert.jpg, cat rapist containment, qeq, and introducing, to name a few. These posts are inaccessible except to the people who created them and think they're memes.

It was okay when Gippo Dudee and le shit nigger did it, but it's gone on too long and now it's far from original.
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What home board(s) makes you cringe?

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/qa/, are there any boards that make you cringe when people say they're their home boards?
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!GRG1IWogTk (315 replies)

general user q&a/QTDDTOT

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itt we ask questions and give answers

should comments that post personal information like phone numbers/addresses and such be reported under rule violation or illegal content?
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