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What does the rest of 4chan think about /b/?
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List a thing you hate about your homeboard

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For me it's how insufferable threads get when the series becomes popular enough to warrant a general. Longtime fans act like elitist 13 year olds and you get all these newbies shitting up the thread too, it's awful all around.

/a/ is also pretty easily baited, especially with the reverse troll variety.
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What was harmony like?
Will it ever come back and do you want it to?
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Rare bait trading station

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Hi /qa/!
Post the best bait macros you have amassed while browsing 4chan.
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Does your homeboard have General threads?
What do you think about them?
Do you participate in any?
Are they "cancer?"
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I found this image a while ago. Reverse search won't help. Is this a disease? If yes, how is it called?
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So how exactly does the moderation system work?
Are there multiple people who take shifts on one board?
Do they jump from board to board, moderating different boards on different days?

Also, to the mods, I'm not disrespecting you, I'm asking a question
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ITT: We Summon The Dev

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I'd like to know more about our new overlords.
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