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How do we combat them?
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Which boards do you think need to have (threadly) post IDs? I think boards like /vg/ would benefit a lot from them, as it would deter shitposters from shitting up threads.
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Top 3 Worst board

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2.[s4s] reddit tier unfunny forced rotten animeshit memes
3./lgbt/ tumblr:the board

>pic unrelated
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California Criminal Marijuana Charges

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Hey /qa/

I'm a minor in California and today, me and a few friends were busted by cops when we were caught smoking. Because we cooperated and were respectful, they let us go with no tickets but they did confiscate our stuff. Does anyone know if this incident goes on our permanent/driving record? Like for example, Anon's permanent record: possession of marijuana/paraphernalia.

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So.. How many of you actually browse reddit regularly?

Personally, I don't.
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What is with 4chan and furries?
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/vp/ → /mon/

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The board is very slow without new core series games coming out. I believe it should be renamed so that it's allowed to cover all monster-based video game franchises.
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4chan Happenings

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What's going on in the boards you visit?
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What are the worst boards?
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