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Is anon pronounced "ann-on" or "uh-non"
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ITT: List sitewide memes by their board origin.

King of GETs

please be in London
Manlets, when will they ever learn?

Argentina is white

Who are you quoting?

Feels guy (Wojak)/tfw
Sad frog (Pepe)

>the city of X
too much ass
>he does it for free


>implying owls are birds
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question: do you even do squats, my men?
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How much of an influence did the various 4chan archives have on the boards as a whole?
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question is pic related
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Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night - /qa/ !

Today's Topic : DESU~

What is the story behind DESU ?

What makes her successful meme ?

Is it still a valuable meme and what is her future ?

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What is your stance on GamerGate, and did it deserve to get kicked out of 4chan?
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How is the relationship between 4chan and 2chan? Do japs like the stuff we make? Are there people who browse both websites?
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