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Who /patton/ here?

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Only oldfag remember
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>it's been almost 2 years since /q/ was deleted
Do you miss it, /qa/?
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Why aren't you Spurdo?

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Why do cringe threads exist, and why do we cringe?
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Aren't all boards containment boards?
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I think the catalog killed the main essence of 4chan. Lots of users open the catalog, check their favorite general and that's it. Every board is a website, and each thread is a mini website inside another website.

I know the catalog is a really good tool, giving you the chance to sort threads by bump order/creation date, being basically the same as scrolling the first page, but without it, scrolling pages and pages becomes mandatory, giving the board more chances to get more discussions rather than the same comments from a closed community.
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>kids born in the 2000s could be shitposting on this site right now
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So, does this mean 4chan has been sold? What's "Perfect Privacy LLC?
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>On /v/

>Insult Sony or Microsoft game

>Insult Nintendo game
>Get banned for a week

Anyone else?
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I got range banned on /a/ because I reset my IP to post again. Where do I go to get this range ban reversed? Am I fucked? Is it temporary?
Pic unrelated.
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