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What is your favourite rap album?

Tried on /mu/ but no replies
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I always wondered: what's the difference between 4chan's red and blue boards? Are there different common rules? Are they thematically different?
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How would you guys feel about a 'BEWARE OF BAIT' message in the reply box for some boards?
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What is you think about loli metaboard? Not really the porn, loli in general.Do you like cute animu girls? Do you think they are well written or a good addition to vidya or anime? Do you like the idea of waifuing cute little girls? Are you okay with the way cute little girls are praised by people?
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So what's the optimal age for a newfag to become an oldfag?
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This board is exactly what /b/ would be like if porn wasn't allowed.
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Why are there spoiler tags on /u/ (as opposed to the other gay/porn boards) and /r9k/?
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Why is it that chan users tend to be manchildren?

Chan culture appears to be more stagnant if not devolving. Is that because their prolific users are ever fresh batches of actual 15 year old children, or is turnover in fact not as high as you'd think and chan users just stay 15 year old mentally?

Seems like chan culture is really driven by the combination of teens and young adults with a large amount of time on their hands, a low threshold for amusement, a lot of steam to blow, and a lack of face-to-face social opportunity for whatever reason (social awkwardness, social rejection, geographic isolation, personality disorder, misanthropy, etc.)

The problem is that blowing steam, ranting tfwnogf etc. does not relieve angry emotions but rather intensifies and reinforces them. It makes anger rewarding and sets up a positive feedback loop of vitriol. Which seems to be the reason why chans are such toxic hellholes.

Extrapolate your opinions.
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>that poor crab never hurt anybody
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Why did the concept of "Anonymous is legion" turn into a cringe topic?
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