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What is the most fucked up image you have ever seen?
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Courtesy of /r9k/, you normie scum.
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first goes in every field

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first goes in every field
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Where the do *chan veterans go? Is self moderation a forgotten concept?

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I left this site in September when /v/ and /pol/ censored gamergate. I didn't care about gamergate but the censorship pissed me off, and I was sick of the moderators / moot.

Went to 8 chan, which has become utter dogshit. Now, every top board is moderated just as much, if not more than 4chan. And the owner is discussing adding optional upvote system, and the site is a slow boring sterile no-OC shitfest.

Meanwhile this place seems fine in terms of content, but you have to deal with
>shitty IRC circlejerk moderators like Redwood
>a shit ton of normies
>google captcha
>cant post with proxies
>google tracking
>advertising from Conde Nast, reddits advertiser
>4chan pass

Why don't true *chan veterns have a home to be free to shitpost, make OC, and just self moderate? Why has the idea of self moderation been completely abolished?
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"That" Question

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What do you guys think happens during and after death?

>pic unrelated
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Archive Your 4chan Folder

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Sup, /qa/. In this thread will be posted a few of the most important, largest 4chan image archives/thread screencaps/thread archives over the years.

Since the torrents are about to die, I've permanently archived them at the Internet Archive.

If you've got a collection of screencaps, saved HTML threads, or just photos from 4chan, upload it (to or something), and post the link!

Chances are, you're one of the last anons on earth to have those archives. So share it with the world, such that their memory shall not perish from this earth.
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Don't mind me, just on my way to page 10.

Oh btw, if I reach page 10 I leave this website forever.
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I have made a drink;
small amount of sugar water
and vanilla
what do I call it?
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Which global rule, and which board specific rule do you think is least enforced? Is that a good thing or a bad thing in your opinion?
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What a perfect numbers

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So there was this guy going around claiming to be the PERFECT SATAN and saying that CockholeÇh@n should hand over there "perfect numbers" to the more supereme Infinchañ. How cool do you think this guy is?
Fyi... I'm posting this from a phone, if I get this, you all need to step up your game.
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