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Pics of caves?

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Can I get some pics of caves? Entrances or interiors, doesn't matter. I'll dump what I have.
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Does anyone have any gardening tips? Post them here
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Cyber bullyng

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This user does cyberbullying several people at random, I had the misfortune to find in a game, passed by a person with a lot of trouble to steal pictures from my facebook and my WSP, and edits to make fun of me.

They performed it with several people especially young women, who threatens to reveal photos intimate if they do what he wants is someone who abuses the anonymity of internet, luckily I have your number of WSP marrow cell phone number: +5491150231215

He lives in Argentina, the nickname he used to remain anonymous at all sites where this is Jcblastor supported by a group that believe in the game eRepublik, who call PTB (Templar Party Boliviano), one of his henchmen used by nick Maverick toshiba kill, that minion is called José Orellana, I leave you the photo of the henchman, we need to prevent this user follows hurting people and continue to threaten young women.

we must fight people like him, because right now it may not affect you, but maybe one day you or someone you know will pass something similar and then we stop these people to not try making something like that, to stop harassing people and especially women.
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How about a thread about hobo /out/ gear, companies making gear for homeless people and charities which provide gear for homeless people?
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hi there we cant get a oregon hero so here it goes
we have for months been researching a place in oregon that is far from normal
>amazing elaborate gate in the middle of the forest
>amazing Egyptian statue of Sekhmet
here is our problem. It could easily be rich people that like privacy it can easily be a shelter or a church what bugs us is the fact that i have been calling local businesses and residence and none of them know what im talking about. even people less then 3 minutes away. i understand no one here are my personal army yes we are not asking to go fuck shit up or anything like that anyone on the /out/ want to take a hike and are in Damascus Oregon? 17700 se forest hill dr, damascus, or, 97089. we would appreciate your help this is getting no where because we cannot get anyone in the town to even tell us that it exists please help

pic related on top of the gate
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Hydration bladder for the TT Pathfinder

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So I have finally bought the German Tasmanian Tiger Pathfinder backpack and I am now looking for a hydration bladder that fits into the top lid.
It's a square-like top lid and only few hydration bladders fit into it. The dimensions of the top lid are approximately 25 cm x 25 cm.
Do any of You guys know a bladder that will possibly fit?
Pic related is the backpack.
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Nightvision for the outdoors

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Dear 4chan, I go hunting quite regularly, but always have to stop when the sun goes down. I'd like to try some nighttime hunting, does anyone know of a good night vision monocular?

I have no experience in night vision and have never owned one, does anyone know of a good brand or any with good reviews?

p.s. pic slightly related
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Fishing Newfriend, need help

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Hello /out/, after going shark fishing with a friend last week, I decided I want to get into shark fishing, but for all intensive purposes I am a newfag to fishing. I have about ~100$ for a rod and reel combo and would like recommendations on what I should get, along with what type of bait I should use for sharks. I live in Tampa FL if that makes a difference. All suggestions welcome.

Also, sharkfishing general thread
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